Jack and Jill South Suburban Denver Chapter Dads

Jack and Jill South Suburban Denver Dads at Elitch Gardens

The purpose of the Father’s Auxiliary is to serve as positive male role models for the children of Jack & Jill and to help support the Mothers in age group activities and Chapter activities.

The Father’s Auxiliary is a welcome support to the Jack and Jill South Suburban Denver Chapter. Fathers frequently support their children by encouraging and facilitating participation and attendance at their children’s age group activities, serving as guests panelists and POPS on Patrol at Teen Leadership Conferences. The 1st Annual National Father’s Auxiliary Retreat, convening hundreds of Jack and Jill Dads in the golf and relaxation paradise of Palm Desert, California was a huge success and they are already planning for next year.  South Suburban Denver Chapter Fathers also attend, participate and support all chapter events (as shown above at our Annual Black Family Day Event at Elitch Gardens).  The Fathers Auxiliary is a great way for Jack and Jill Dads to bond over social activities, such as golfing, barbecues, and attending sporting events.

Jack and Jill South Suburban Denver Chapter Fathers Auxiliary